Rozhovor se Shihanem Petem Reynoldsem (únor 2013)

Rozhovor se Shihanem Petem Reynoldsem (únor 2013)

1) Firstly, we should introduce you to those, who don’t know you well, or at all. When and how did you start studying the Bujinkan Bugei?

2) You live in Japan for many years now. How did you make the decision to move to Japan and live there?

3) You visit Hatsumi-sensei’s training sessions. What do you see being the main spirit of his personality?

4) If you should mention some specific, personal experience from training with him, what would it be?

5) Do you visit any other Shihan’s trainings, or do you concentrate on Soke’s trainings only?

6) Some time ago, you opened your own Dojo in Tokyo. How is that possible for a “foreigner” to open a Dojo of traditional Japanese martial art directly in Japan? It isn’t really a common phenomenon.

7) Do you have only foreign students, or even Japanese? In that case, how do the Japanese students look at a foreigner, who teaches them martial art that comes from their own country?

8) Have you noticed any changes in Soke’s training during the time you visit his trainig sessions?

9) Now for your training sessions. How often do you have them?

10) When you are training, what are the most important things to show your students?

11) Do you have any goals or any personal motto, that could describe your relation to studying Budo?

Thank you for your answers and for making time for us.

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