Košice (Slovakia)

Košice (Slovakia)

Students and friends on the training in Kosice - november 2016.

About us

Our student group began in spring 2014 as associated group in Bujinkan Dōjō Prague. Some of us study martial arts bujinkan ryū-ha over ten years. Recent years we had the opportunity visiting a seminars led by interesting teachers and instructors of "our" martial art, e.g: Sveneric Bogsäter, Holger Kunzman, Luboš Pokorný, Andrej Jasenc, Jake Sharpstone and others. These days we try to go to seminars of shihan Pavel Slavík in Czech Republic regularly, as well as to invite him to us to Kosice and visit seminars organised by the other official dōjō nielen in Slovakia.

When and where

Periodical days and times of our trainings:
• Tuesday 7pm - 9pm
• Thursday 7pm - 9pm

Place: Bujinkan Dōjō Kosice, Exnárova 10 in the second floor (entrance from conservatoire in Exnárova 8), residence od Dargov heroes (Furča) in Kosice.

It is possible to come to an agreement in the case of fine weather on another training outside as well.

If you want to join us, we will be only happy. It is better to train in more people after all. So if you are interested in trying our training of martial arts bujinkan ryū-ha with us, feel free to contact us. We will welcome you among us happily. It is important to say, that there isn´t any member among us, who has level 5 dan and also to be an official instructor Bujinkan dōjō, but that isn´t any problem for united training and studium. Jaroslav Behun is our most experienced student so far, who is currently an incumbent of first dan. That is a reason as well, why we joined some of official teachers Bujinkan Honbu Dōjō, in our case Pavel Slavík from Prague.
Potencial candidates for training can join any time during whole year. Trainings of this martial art are suitable for men as well as women and reasonable age when to start is about 15 years.
For the first training just take some comfortable sportswear, if you don´t have training kimono, that is of course more comfortable. We will lend you gladly another equipment.

We are looking forward to cross paths with another candidates for trainings of martial arts ninjutsu and bujutsu.


Jaroslav Behun
phone: 0902 265 894
e-mail: jaroslav.behun@bujinkanprague.com
web: www.bujinkanprague.com/kosice
facebook: bujinkan.kosice


We are lucky to be able to use our own dōjō for our trainings. Here are some photos from interior of our gym.